A downloadable game

Shoot demons to get mana. Fire mana bombs at Lucifer. You can't carry reserve ammo, you can only swap guns.

Shoot: Left click

Fire mana bomb: Right click.

Jump: Space. You get a super-jump every 3 seconds.

Swap Guns: E

You can also waste mana bombs to blow-back demons, but be careful, ammo is limited.

EDIT: Source assets are up so you can check the timestamps.

Install instructions

WARNING: You need a powerful computer. My GTX 760 gives me maybe 30-40 FPS.

Unzip to play, the executable is a few folders in.

If you get a .dll error, download this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.as...

If it still won't work, some other program placed faulty or outdated .dlls where that package is trying to install to. I've heard people having luck manually deleting or replacing those .dlls (risky though).


(Original, ignore this) 274 MB
KickLucifersAss_Source.7z 60 MB
KickLucifersAss_Smaller_Game.7z 55 MB